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Equity Transfer

  • Compensation Design

If internal transition is an option, it is important to design compensation plans to accumulate the down-stroke funding necessary to complete the transaction; preferably minimizing the need for seller financing.  Stock, phantom stock, or vested accumulation is often explored in performance based equity transfer planning.

  • Adviser Coordination

PBN takes an active role in facilitating the execution of the transfer by assisting in assembling the needed Value Enhancement Team (VET - attorney, accountant, financial adviser, et al.) and procuring their input.  Whether it be coordinating your own trusted advisers or those from our network we will keep the process moving forward.  Non-disclosure agreements are signed by PBN assuring our clients confidentiality in conversations.

  • MBO / LBO Deal Structure

Assisting executives or minority interest partners in understanding and developing formal plans and agreements with majority owners to complete Management Buy-outs (MBOs) or Leveraged Buy-outs (LBOs) over time.

  • Authority Transfer Planning

Through incentive compensation and appropriate business planning, PBN clients instill a road map for owners and employees to accomplish internal transfers.  Rewards are put in place and parameters are outlined providing clear direction to key personnel.

  • Minority Interest Representation

In many cases minority shareholders are completely running day-to-day operations and wish to establish a clear path to acquire a majority stake in the company.  Ultimate control, decision making authority, profit sharing and business value are typical discussion topics that minority shareholders wish to resolve; all-the-while creating a win-win for the existing majority shareholder.

  • Family Succession Planning

Children, spouses and siblings are often involved with the business in some capacity leaving the need for estate equalization, equity transfer and gifting scenarios.  On a higher level, a critical component of healthy relationships in family businesses is effective communications between those family members involved and those uninvolved with business operations.  High level considerations related to personal planning are many times greatly beneficial.  With our teams background in industrial psychology and finance PBN often helps clients maintain healthy family relationships.

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