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Exit Planning

  • Owner Mindset Preparation

We help owners determine and refine their personal identity, relationships, & ultimate purpose for life after their eventual business exit.  PBN facilitators help form a clear and exciting personal plan for the owner(s) by working with our client's existing trusted advisers and/or by introducing and coordinating the efforts of other specialists - i.e. psychologists, personal financial advisers, estate specialists, business & life coaches, and clergy.

  • Financial Readiness

Every dream has a price tag.  We work with teams of attorneys, tax counsel, accountants & financial advisers to project and conclude an ultimate recommendation for timing, type & pace of departure.  Ultimately, the team needs to deliver a plan that protects assets, accumulates exit funding & minimizes business and personal tax liability. 

  • Written / Formal Exit Plan

We help people comprehensively plan for the future by reviewing all possible contingencies.  Then, we help you identify steps, standards & priorities needed to navigate to a smooth, profitable & permanent company sale and owner exit.

  • Contingency Assessment

We help identify, analyze & recommend sale contingencies considering potential internal or external company transition options.  Including but not limited to;​​​​​

  • Internal

    • Family Succession

    • Management Buy-out (MBO)

    • Sale to Other Shareholders / Partners

    • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

  • External

    • Third Party Sale (Industry, Financial & Strategic)

    • Initial Public Offering (IPO)

    • Refinance or Recapitalilzation

    • Asset Sale or Liquidation

  • Advisor Coordination

  • Business Value Enhancement

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