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Advisor Coordination

  • Advisor Due Diligence, Interview & Selection

Our company has vetted hundreds of professional service providers over the past four years.  Many of our past clients have asked us to screen advisors they have been introduced to.  Other clients have asked us directly for introductions to pre-screened Value Enhancement Team (VET) members.  Either way PBN will vet, interview and help you select advisors.

  • Formal Project Management

Whether it be newly engaged advisors or a your trusted advisors we can help pull the team together through formal project management tools and techniques.  We utilize formal management software and online or Microsoft gantt charting to help keep you team on task and on time per your direction.

  • Post Plan Follow-up

PBN will remain involved from start to finishing helping you accomplish your plan.  The planning may be a result of business, personal, succession or exit planning you had done with us, or planning of your own or with another strategic planning firm.

  • Owner & CEO Advice and Inspiration

Considering the recommendations and opinions of multiple professionals with multi-disciplinary backgrounds can be difficult.  PBN can help you sort through the ideas, recommendations and minutiae.  Use us and one or two other trusted advisors to determine your final course of action.

  • Individual & Group Meeting Facilitation

Business owners will often try to "general contract" their own transitions.  This can be ineffective, expensive and not to forget a very unproductive use of your time.  Our collaborative nature will help make sure your entire VET (Value Enhancement Team), made up of attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, et al., are working together for your benefit.  Get your entire team in a room and have them discuss your situation together; meeting scenarios like this are very common in our office.

  • Centralized Client Data Packaging

An arduous and cumbersome task for many owners is pulling together personal and business information for your advisory team.  Many of them will ask for separate fact finders and request different documents depending on their profession.  We help compile this information on the front end for use with individual advisors per your direction.

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