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​We believe businesses are more valuable if not dependent on any one individual. We make it our life's work to help business owners and their leadership teams reduce dependencies and increase enterprise value.

Often companies know they need to change but they don't know how, what, or why. PBN provides a process to design, build, and implement an operating system that will help you identify and execute change at your own pace.


This type of engagement is almost always customized but includes several common components including the creation of a Master Business Plan Summary, cascading goals to Department Plans, and rolling out tracking and feedback necessary to sustain the system. Often bolt-on incentive and pay for performance programs are used to motivate success, reward high-performers, and augment future internal or family equity transfer. Finally, active Advisory or Governance Boards hold leadership accountable.

With this program in place your business will be humming right along...... with or with you!


If you have a skill or talent gap that you need to bridge, consider leveraging PBN resources to get you where you need to go.


Our leadership is experienced in C-level, General Management, Operations, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, and Project Management.

We bring to the table strong emotional intelligence which is essential in "fractional" roles like this.

Let us design the position by living in the role. Then, if it makes sense, we will help you determine how to recruit, interview and hire our replacement.

Everyone on our team is willing and able to roll up our sleeves to get the job done. Whether you need a seasoned leader or help getting a critical project completed, we are here to help.


Individual Services

Over the last ten plus years, we have accumulated a lot of tools and experience in specific areas including but not limited to the following:

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