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​We believe businesses are more valuable if not dependent on any one individual.
Reduce dependencies and increase enterprise value.

With the proven process of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) your strategic planning will be simple, effective, and affordable. Develop your key people through training and business best practice tools that they can use with their teams every day.


PBN Partner, Eric LeBow, is a certified professional implementer and has spent time in your shoes. He has been an owner, a CEO, a leader, and a successor. He has sat in each seat.

With EOS, your leadership team will focus on the following six business fundamentals:

  • Vision

  • Data

  • Process

  • Traction

  • Issues

  • People


If you have a skill or talent gap that you need to bridge, consider leveraging PBN resources to get you where you need to go.


Our leadership is experienced in C-level, General Management, Operations, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, and Project Management.

We bring to the table strong emotional intelligence which is essential in "fractional" roles like this.

Let us design the position by living in the role. Then, if it makes sense, we will help you determine how to recruit, interview and hire our replacement.

Everyone on our team is willing and able to roll up our sleeves to get the job done. Whether you need a seasoned leader or help getting a critical project completed, we are here to help.


Considering many contingencies for ownership transition is often the best route. Using unique and customized incentive plans we help you develop options internally, or through recruiting, while simultaneously considering third party alternatives.


A careful understanding of the family's situation is critical both for the stock transition and more importantly as you consider your estate. Protecting yourself from future estate and current income taxes can tremendously impact your outcomes.

Through the process PBN advisors engage with your existing attorney and accountant team to execute transition and estate plans. Often recommending from our network additional advisors competent in transition and estate law and tax.


Other Services

Over the last twenty years, we have accumulated a lot of tools and experience in helping companies in specific areas including but not limited to the following:

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