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Organizational Design

  • Roles & Responsibilities

Here we help determine the required positions, qualifications, roles, & responsibilities within each functional area of your business.  Also key performance standards should be considered and addressed.

  • Relationships

    • Desired Interfaces across the organization, between depts, among positions

    • Reporting Relationships: direct chain-of-command, matrix relationships, collaborative partnerships, etc.

    • Inter-dependencies within the organization

    • External Relationships with customers, competition, partners, prospects, etc.

  • Systems

    • Company Policies and Procedures: recruiting, selection, orientation, on-boarding, training, etc.

    • Technology and Equipment

    • Written Materials: handbooks, compliance materials, job descriptions, core competencies, org. charts, marketing, etc.

    • Communication Systems, Performance Management, and Training

  • Processes​

    • How work gets rewarded; promotion retention, rewards, incentives

    • How work gets measured; productivity tools and measures

    • How work gets done; work-flow processes and procedures

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