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Advisory & Governance Boards

  • Inception Checklist

Let our past experience be your guide. Our Board Inception Checklist covers key questions that will help you map out the vision for your Board. It covers things like meeting cadence/rhythm, number of members, potential participants, compensation, & meeting materials.

  • Board Charter

To formalize the Board we work to develop a charter for review and agreement by Board members. The charter outlines the general function of the Board, membership, Board member duties, & more.

  • Choosing Board Members

We assist you in searching for and choosing knowledgeable, relevant, & experienced Board members. Tap into our network and/or leverage your trusted advisors to add tremendous value to you and your company through focused, facilitated, & "active" Board meetings.

  • Active Advisory & Governance Boards

We ensure that Board meetings are productive and focused by sending out meeting materials (consent agenda, financials, strategic planning results, etc.) one week prior to the Board meeting. That gives Board members time to thoroughly review previous meeting minutes and current events to be discussed, as well as review company results relative to their planned financial and business objectives.

  • Administration & Facilitation

We handle all administrative duties associated with the Board meeting preparation including but not limited to the following:

  • Scheduling upcoming meetings with busy industry leaders

  • Collection, assembly, & advance distribution of a "meeting packet"

  • Advance planning for catering of breakfast and/or lunch

  • Document, edit, and compile meeting minutes for circulation

  • Hosted off-site meetings at our centralized office in Minneapolis

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