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Fractional Leadership

If you have a skill or talent gap that you need to bridge, consider leveraging PBN resources to get you there.

Our team is experienced in C-level, General Management, Operations, Sales, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, and Project Management. Leading, managing, and accountability are inherent in our DNA. We strive to get the best out of a team and can execute pretty well too; whether it be establishing a budgeting process/tool, leading a business critical project, or helping someone determine for themselves that they aren't right for a role, we can help.

We bring to the table strong emotional intelligence which is essential in "fractional" roles like this. Let us design the position by living in the role. Then, if it makes sense, we will help you determine how to recruit, interview and hire our replacement. Our bench of Independent Contractors and our internal team have a diverse background and can be deployed in roles top down and bottom up.

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