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Strategic Planning

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  • Tracking, Dashboards, & Ongoing Accountability

Through our ongoing business planning or through leveraging the EOS Process, your team can develop measurable objectives and monitor progress on reaching goals.  PBN uses Scorecards and Progress Dashboards to monitor and track performance.  Then, we help drive accountability through meeting cadence and facilitation.

  • Web & Server Enabled Tracking

Internal server systems and online programs are great ways to encourage servant-leadership cultural techniques.  Increasing visibility departmentally in performance and communication will help bring your company closer together and ultimately create for a more dynamic organization.

  • Performance Feedback & Accountability Systems

Through quarterly appraisals owners can develop a means to historically document employee performance, effectively delegate responsibilities, and increase high-level communication between owners and personnel.  Historical documentation is also worth tangible dollars when the business is eventually sold.  Business valuation analysts are always very excited to see this type of documentation.


Eric LeBow

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The PBN Program

Some of the organizations want more. The PBN Program takes the EOS process one step further through embedding a PBN Senior Consultant to facilitate The PBN Program or the EOS process day-to-day. This could simply mean PBN runs your weekly leadership L10 meeting or much more.

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