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Personal Planning

  • Assessment

An integral part of building a plan for the future is to complete an in-depth assessment process.  Through a series of interviews and exercises, we explore all aspects of your life to gain a deeper understanding of your;

  • track record and life accomplishments

  • personality and leadership style

  • core competencies and limitations

  • personal values and motivational triggers

  • vision for the future

This process is the foundation for your personal plan.  Significant others including spouse, trusted professional advisers, mentors and clergy are often invited into the process for their input.

  • Personal Plan Creation

The personal plan clearly articulates your definition of what life will look like post transition and outlines your vision, personal mission, objectives, guiding principals and action plans.  In addition, the personal plan addresses authority transfer, a financial plan, and other financial support needed for you to achieve your goals.

  • Plan Implementation

PBN actively partners with you to to execute your personal plan.  Successful follow-through is essential to your transition, and our expertise guarantees the ongoing guidance, coordination of professional services, and support you need to navigate the transition process and fulfill your personal vision.

  • Measurement of Progress

What gets measured gets done.  PBN provides essential scorecards and progress reports to help you track progress on achieving your objectives in a realistic and timely manner.  We utilize metrics that ensure accountability, commitment, and desired results.  PBN offers ongoing counsel and guidance to keep your personal plan on track.

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