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Succession Planning

  • Assessment

PBN partners with clients to identify key people, assess their strengths & leadership potential, and build plans to take your successor leadership team to the next level.  Our assessment process maximizes the opportunity to  put leaders in roles where they can add the most value.  Through the use of assessments, interviews and time audits we study critical data about company leaders.  Including;

  • Track-record, performance history & accomplishments

  • Core competencies & limitations

  • Potential future role(s)

  • Commitment to the organization

  • Forecasting & Authority Transfer

Building a leadership team of the future is both exciting and rewarding.  An integral part of successor leadership forecasting is putting the right people in the right positions - at the right time.  This involves a rigorous planning process that can result in the eventual transfer of authority & responsibility as determined appropriate in your business planning.  This type of predictive modeling allows owners to make more confident decisions in building a sustainable leadership team.

  • Individual & Leadership Development 

Great business leaders understand that their most important asset, and hence their greatest value driver, is their people.  PBN has processes designed to help facilitate individual and team leadership development better equipping the company to handle future opportunities, circumstances & exposures. 

  • Accountability & Tracking

What gets measured gets done.  PBN can provide essential measurements, scorecards & dashboards to help your leadership team fulfill their development goals and achieve important milestones supporting your transition.  We utilize metrics that ensure accountability, commitment & results.  In addition we leverage technology to increase communication, transparency & reporting. 

  • Compensation Design

PBN will partner with you to identify the motivational triggers and core strengths of your key people, and design rewards and compensation plans that are mutually beneficial.  The moral, retention & productivity of your leadership team are essential to the success of your business, and your transition.

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