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Transition & Estate

  • Owner Mindset Preparation

We help owners determine and refine their personal identity, relationships, & ultimate life purpose after their eventual business exit.  PBN facilitators help form a clear and exciting personal plan for the owner(s) by working with our client's existing trusted advisers and/or by introducing and coordinating the efforts of other specialists - i.e. financial advisers, estate specialists, attorneys, business & life coaches, and even clergy.

  • Written / Formal Transition Plan

We help people comprehensively plan for the future by reviewing all possible contingencies.  Then, we help you identify steps, standards & priorities needed to navigate to a smooth, profitable & permanent company sale and owner exit.


  • Contingency Assessment

We help identify, analyze & recommend sale contingencies considering potential internal or external company transition options.  Including but not limited to;​​​​​

  • Internal

    • Family Succession, Management Buy-out (MBO), Sale to Other Shareholders / Partners, Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

  • External

    • Third Party Sale (Industry, Financial & Strategic), Initial Public Offering (IPO), Refinance or Recapitalilzation, Asset Sale or Liquidation

  • Timing of the Transition

If your business isn't ready today, PBN will work with you and/or your team to help develop successors, resolve process issues, or find the right people. It may be that the company isn't marketable in it's current state or that you just don't know if you want to sell or just dial back. We can help. Don't do this one alone.

  • Estate & Advisor Coordination

PBN takes an active role in facilitating the execution of stock transition and estate planning by assisting in assembling the needed Value Enhancement Team (attorney, accountant, financial adviser, et al.) and soliciting their input.  Whether it be coordinating your own trusted advisers or those from our network we will keep the process moving forward.  PBN Senior Partners and Principals may help you fulfill your vision through being named as a Trust Protector or through involvement on a Family Board. Ultimately, the team needs to deliver a plan that protects assets, accumulates exit funding & minimizes business and personal tax liability. 

  • Family Succession Planning

Children, spouses and siblings are often involved with the business in some capacity leaving the need for estate equalization, equity transfer and gifting scenarios.  On a higher level, a critical component of healthy relationships in family businesses is effective communications between those family members involved and those uninvolved with business operations.  High level considerations related to personal planning are many times greatly beneficial.  With our teams background in industrial psychology and finance PBN often helps clients maintain healthy family relationships.

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